What is The Monthly Question?

In early 2015, Lama began with the innovative monthly cold reading series called “The Monthly Question.” Inspired by a desire to encourage new and bold writing, Lama posts a question of the month (“Are we really free?”, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, “Who cares?”, “Why monogamy?” etc.) 


We release the question every month and receive submissions from playwrights, poets Lama then chooses short (3 - 10 minutes) pieces that address the question differently. and musicians from around the world.


On the night of the event, 30 minutes before the show, we have an open casting call and we cast the readers on the spot. Soon after, the audience joins free of charge.  It’s a very fast-paced and exciting evening!


This monthly check-in allows Lama to create a space for an artist’s community in each of Lama bases and challenge the artists to write and explore their theatrical voice.

The Monthly Question
The Monthly Swap

What is The Monthly Swap? 


To keep exploring the dialogue between artists of different disciplines and cultural backgrounds, Lama started this special project as an extension of The Monthly Question.


we asked the same question in  TWO LOCATIONS in the world and received submissions from both places. We choose pieces that address the question differently from each country.


Than… we SWAP the artist’s work so that some of the artists' work will be presented in ONE location and some of the artists' work will be presented in the OTHER location at the SAME day and hour.   In each location, the actors will arrive a half an hour before The Monthly Swap starts for casting on the spot.

What is the Fest of the Best? 


A four-day festival of plays, poems, and songs written by artists from around the world, selected from Lama’s cold reading series, The Monthly Question


The festival showcase a special collection of work compiled from the

last 12 months.


We pick one piece from each Monthly Question to be produced, cast, rehearsed and directed by Lama’s core team.

Fest of the Best
Lama's play in development

 What is play in development?  


Utilizing our growing network of playwrights developed through the monthly question, we will solicit submissions for a full-length work.


We are giving preference to playwrights that we have produced as part of The Monthly Question and the Lama's Collective Artists.  



What is Lama's Artistic Residency? 

Lama hosted a ‘Why Garbage?’ Artistic Residency at The Peace Project in Nicaragua. Lama brought selected playwrights from the US to live, create and volunteer at The Peace Project for 20 days.


In the course of the Residency, the artists wrote and collaborated with Nicaraguan artists around Lama’s question which focused on environmental and peace issues.  


The artists' work presented at a final performance in The Peace Project, and at The Kraine Theater in New York City.



Lama's Artistic Residency