Lama Theater Company (NYC) and the So and So Art club (London) presents:

The Monthly Swap!

Monthly Swap? 

What is the Monthly Swap? Well it is very similar to Lama’s Monthly Question

(Our cold reading series of new & bold writing around Lama’s monthly question)

BUT this month the question is with a TWIST...

Throughout the month of June we are going to ask ONLY Female writers the same question in New York and in London.

And receive submissions of short plays /Monologues/Poems and songs until the beginning of July. THEN… we SWAP the artist’s work so that some of the UK artists work will be presented in New York and some of the American artists will be presented in London

at the same day!


Lama’s special question for The Monthly Swap in July, 2016:


London: Monday, 25th of July at the So & So Arts Club

(6 Fredericks Place London EC2R 8AB)

Doors at 4:30PM, Show at 5:00PM


NYC:  Monday, 25th of July at Kraine Theater

85 E 4th St, between 2nd & 3rd Avenues (Bowery.)

Doors at 7:30PM Show at 8:00PM.

"The Monthly Swap is about expanding the reach of that work -- fostering a broader exchange of ideas, getting new perspectives and gaining understanding of the human condition. We'd like to team up with as many cities as possible." Hila Ben Gera,  Broadway world


​Save the date & Arrive 30 minutes before the show for casting on the spot! (There is NO audition process – No need for your resume) Approximately 20 actors will read at each  swap location.  If you don’t get to read, don’t worry – there is always next month.


Join us for FREE and watch this adrenaline filled/manic process, see how the monthly question has inspired the artists, gather your own fun interpretations and have a drink!