Beckmann Theater, NYC
Season 2014
Directed by Noel MacDuffie
Music by John LaSala
Costumes by Ayano Ganaha
Adaptation by Bridget Durkin and Mark Buchan
(additional material by Hila Ben Gera &Robin MacDuffie)
Hila Ben Gera as Medea
Keithen Hergott as Jason
Alex Fox and Dilon Uruci as the Children
Phyllis Bowen as the Nurse
Fenton Li as the Paedegogus
Bernard Feinerman as King Creon
Andres Pina as the Messenger
Alexander W. Smith as King Aegeus
Rosie Sowa, Rose Ortiz, and Emilyn Kowaleski as the Chorus Speakers
Elana Belle Carroll as the Chorus Singer
Karen Mcfarlane, Martina Bonolis and Kendra Slack as the Chorus Dancers


 This intimate interpretation of the classic play by Euripides is expanded with additional scenes exploring the glorious and often bloody early life of Jason (of  Argonauts fame) and the sorceress Medea.
"In a new modern production of this classic Greek drama, Noel MacDuffie's production - unlike many traditional
productions - acknowledges each issue in its place, allowing the play to shine through, giving audiences the opportunity to discover what resonates for them."
Broadway World